CEA 6 Leg 6 (Discovery Leg 2)

Leg 6 is the second leg of discovery phase of the expedition. Looking to find new POIs and sights for submission to the Galactic Exploration Catalog.

From this point the expedition will focus on finding new sights and discoveries for submission into the Galactic Exploration Catalog, which can be found at https://edastro.com/gec

Legs 5, 6, and 7 will each be two weeks in length. Convening at certain locations along the way for mass jumps! Legs 5 and 6 there are no waypoints besides the basecamps themselves. For Leg 7, the final leg, there will be a few optional waypoints leading up to our final destination at V429 Carinae

Go get your name on something really awesome CMDRs!


Start Date: February 18, 2024
End Date: March 04, 2024


Basecamp Line: 7,452 Ly
Main Waypoints: 7,452 Ly
Optional Waypoints: 7,452 Ly

Map, (click for full size):

Basecamp: Preou Aip JY-U c2-0

Main Waypoints

  • Map References quick reference list, more details below
    • Preou Aip JY-U c2-0

Main Waypoints Details

  • Map Reference: Preou Aip JY-U c2-0
    • The D 1 planet features a stunning view of the star, while temperatures on the surface are still relatively safe. This is perhaps the closest one can ever get to disembarking on this type of body, at only 2.0 ls to the star. Not only is it a stunning sight to behold, but the planet’s orbit is also quite fast: achieving a full orbit around its parent takes only two hours.
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