Elite Aid: Ukraine

Elite Aid: Ukraine

East India Company, in conjunction with Radio Sidewinder, Diamond Frogs, GalCop, C.E.A. Psychiatric and Simbad, are proud to present Elite Aid. This is to be a 24 hour long event starting at 12:00(Noon) UTC on 3/19/2022 (08:00 EST on 03/19/2022). During the event we will host a continuous live stream staffed by members from each gaming group. All proceeds will be donated to Do Good Fund: Ukraine Aid. While we expect the stream to be heavily filled with Elite Dangerous content, streamers will be allowed to stream any games they choose (you must operate within the Twitch streaming guidelines).

Our goal is to raise $2,500 or more to aid in humanitarian relief that is desperately needed in Ukraine. We will collect donations via Streamlabs Charity for the Do Good Fund: Ukraine Aid. We ask that all participants help promote the stream internally and across any other platforms they see fit.

You can sign up for a time slot by contacting EIC directly at our email (Elite.Aid@eicgaming.com) or on the Elite Aid discord. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the  Twitch streaming service. During your streaming time please mention the charity several times and thank viewers who donate! Please avoid discussing politics and of course spoilers for any movies or T.V. shows during the stream.

All streams will be on the Elite Aid Twitch. Logins will be provided to all Streamers. Please join us at our Elite Aid discord here- Elite Aid Discord

Our Streamlabs Charity page can be found here:  Elite Aid Donation Page