CEA 4 Sneak Peek

This is all a work in progress, but here is some of the work being done towards planning the fourth Celebration of Early Astronomy expedition.

For CEA 4 we are looking at a start date sometime in January or February 2022. In regards to the route we are looking to rehash some of the waypoints that were visited on CEA 1 & 2, as well as some new ones as well.

For a visual reference, here is a map chart showing the routes of all of the CEA expeditions, as well as the current in-progress route for CEA4. Note that I intend to add some more sights from the “northeast” area of CEA2 to the CEA4 route as well.

  • CEA1: Blue
  • CEA2: Orange
  • CEA3: Green
  • CEA4: Red