CEA 5 Leg 4 – Caldwell 10


Start Date: February 11 2023
End Date: February 18, 2023


Basecamp Line: 757.11 Ly
Main Waypoints: 1,629.80 Ly
Optional Waypoints: N/A

Map, (click for full size):

Basecamp: BD+60 327

Main Waypoints

  • Map References quick reference list, more details below
    • HD 15558
    • BD+60 327

Main Waypoints Details

  • Map Reference: HD 15558
    • POI: IC 1805 Cluster
    • The IC 1805 cluster is the cluster which the Heart Nebula is also a part, the brightest part of the cluster is also separately classified as NGC 896 as it was the first part of the cluster to be discovered.
  • Map Reference: BD+60 327
    • POI: Caldwell 10
    • Caldwell 10 also known as NGC 663 is an open cluster in the Cassiopeia area of the sky as seen from Earth. It is considered bright enough to be detected with the naked eye in a dark enough sky. The cluster is of extra interest to astronomers because of the high number of Be class stars, with a total of about 24 discovered in real life.
    • SIMBAD Link
    • EDSM Link

Optional Waypoints

The optional waypoints for this leg is to simply scout out any stars you can within the cluster. There is a shared discoveries spreadsheet available at this link: https://theexpedition.info/Caldwell1 to keep track of what has already been scouted by the group and what needs to be scouted still. Please make sure to record any progress there as well!