CEA 5 Leg 5 – S171

So this one isn’t a Caldwell cluster, but it is a prominent cluster in this area of the galaxy nonetheless, and there is a Caldwell cluster to swing by along the way.


Start Date: February 18 2023
End Date: February 25, 2023


Basecamp Line: 3,696.36 Ly
Main Waypoints: 4,650.81 Ly
Optional Waypoints: N/A

Map, (click for full size):

Basecamp: S171 7

Main Waypoints

  • Map References quick reference list, more details below
    • Kappa Cassiopeiae
    • NGC 457 124
    • S171 7

Main Waypoints Details

  • Map Reference: Kappa Cassiopeiae
    • Kappa Cassiopeiae is a runaway blue supergiant star, moving at about 2.5 million miles per hour relative to its neighbors. It’s stellar wind and magnetic field create a bow shock 4 light years ahead of the star, which reaches behind the star as well for a total bow shock length of 12 lightyears.

      Additionally is has an unusual spectrum with unusually weak nitrogen lines for a B-class star.
  • Map Reference: NGC 457 124
    • POI: Caldwell 13
    • Caldwell 13, also known as NGC 457, as well as The Dragonfly Cluster is an open cluster of stars in the Cassiopeia constellation area of the sky. It is generally an easy target for amateur astronomers as it can be seen with small telescopes even in light-polluted skies.

      Two bright stars, Phi Cassiopeia and HD 7902 form the eyes of the dragonfly in this cluster.
  • Map Reference: S171 7
    • POI: S171
    • Sharpless 171 is an emission region in the larger star forming complex known as NGC 7822. One of the hottest known stars discovered within a kiloparsec of the sun is found here, HIP 139 with a surface temperature over 45,000 Kelvin.
    • SIMBAD Link
    • EDSM Link

Optional Waypoints

No optionals for this leg.