CEA 5 Leg 6 – Caldwell 19

This will be the largest (in terms of quantity of systems) Caldwell cluster to scout during this expedition. We have 448 systems to scout for this leg! Please reference the scouting spreadsheet for the full list and for filling in of scouting information: Scouting Spreadsheet


Start Date: February 25 2023
End Date: March 04, 2023


Basecamp Line: 1,262.97 Ly
Main Waypoints: 1,262.97 Ly
Optional Waypoints: N/A

Basecamp: HD2002 Star 137

Main Waypoints

  • Map References quick reference list, more details below
    • HD2002 Star 137

Main Waypoints Details

  • Map Reference: HD2002 Star 137
    • POI: Caldwell 19
    • Caldwell 19, also known as The Cocoon Nebula, or IC 5146 is a reflection nebula in the Cygnus constellation area of the sky.

      Caldwell 19 is a star forming region. The most massive star known in the cluster is BD+46 3474 (doesn’t appear to be in game under any of it’s other identifiers either such as IC 5146 42, 2MASS J21532885+4715595, or ALS 12039)

      Another interesting star in Caldwell 19 is V1578 Cygni which is an example of an HAeBe Star (however in game it is A class, but that isn’t too weird as HAeBe stars eventually will become A or B class, and given Cocoon nebulae’s distance from Earth being about 2500 Ly, what we see today from Earth would be the star as it was in roughly 477 BC, and it may have become main sequence in the intervening 3,786 years between 477 BC and 3309 AD)

Optional Waypoints

The optional waypoints for this leg are all the systems in the Caldwell 19 cluster which can be found on the scouting spreadsheet.